Joshua Tree III / by Christopher Mora

Third time going to Joshua Tree national park and it seems that each time I go I fall in love with the place more than the last visit.  This time under the cloud of "It's going to be really, really cold" as opposed to last times "It might be really cold but really its gonna be really, really hot" I found myself wearing about 8 layers and bringing 8 more because of, cold.  Boulders, plants, and alotta people (like too many. People, its not Disneyland cmon) were the order of the day as my friend Victoria and I ventured out for the 3rd time while taking her brother to experience giant rocks 2 hours away for the first time.  What was that? Oh, the most difficult part of the day?  Yeah that was lunch.  

Pictures below.  Flickr for mo'.  (lulz)