Beach / by Christopher Mora

So I went to the beach a couple times this week and I must say, there's no where else that makes me feel as peaceful as the beach does.  The peacefulness of the ocean, the wind, and the sand along with the chatter of the people that are there for the same reason make it truly unique place that as a Southern Californian, am truly blessed to have.  The endless ocean surrounding everything makes me feel so small and insignificant, not just there, but in the world. For an instant, or as long as I let myself, I forget that i'm even there.  I lose myself in the colors of the sky and the surrounding environment, the sounds of the waves and the water crashing. As beautiful as it is however, it's pretty terrifying to me. It's kinda eerie.  The funny thing is that going to the beach is the same every single time, but that endless, deep blue, with the never ending horizon makes every trip significant in some way.  

But anyways, yeah enjoy the pictures.