Caitlin and Corbin / by Christopher Mora

A few weeks late on this, but I recently had the incredible honor of being the photographer for the engagement shoot of the now newly minted Toogoods (Best.  Last name.  Ever.)  I've known them for a while, so being called upon to do this was a very special moment for me, and is something that I took very seriously, and needless to say was an honor that I was very humbled to have bestowed upon me.  I had shot a few couples already, but nothing like this, especially so close to the actual wedding date. What turned out to be a surprise for the bride to be, resulted in an amazing display of genuine love and affection which made it very easy for me to capture and I hope I did them justice.  Toogoods, I wish you both the best now, tomorrow, and forever.  Congratulations!