Stuff I record

Much like I have always appreciated the focus photography can have on certain aspects of our surroundings such as lighting, movement and texture, I appreciate what movement can do to those aspects, and when combined with effective storytelling and music that touches the soul, it can be an experience like anything.

Also sometimes I get bored and my dog is pretty good in front of a camera. 


I made a movie based on what I imagine Bacon feels when people leave the house for like 4 minutes.

"See you again." - Tyler the Creator ft. Kali Uchis I dont own the rights to this song (and other) legalese.

The express: Loop dreams pt 1

In what was the end of a 5+ year journey, Nick gives poetic remarks on the final shot of that journey, as Paul Manus brings it home.

the express: Loop dreams pt 2

Ryan expresses his thoughts on a crucial point of the game, where everything looked like it was lost.